Technology on PC

What Technology would you like to see on PC or Evolve in PC?

  • I'd love to see something like Tobi eye tracking actually be really useful. I remember playing with it around 2017, but it wasn't all that polished.

  • I would like to see eye scan security feature added.

  • I would like a more effective way to download apps that are designed for cellphones onto my PC.

  • Longer battery life,and no need for Cooling Fan; Without compromising Processor and GPU speed.   This probably means more power efficient processors (2nm?) and maybe new "higher power density" battery technology.

  • I think adding 5G with eSim option will be a great added value 

  • I mean it's a ways off because of technology, but a hologram projector would be pretty sweet. I'll come back when I can think of something a little more unique lol. 

  • I would like to see both AI gaming technology and virtual reality evolve more. Think about how awesome it would be if VR could be rendered completely life-like and maybe streamed or operated through goggles or contact lenses rather than a bulky headset. I know very far fetched but imagine convincing someone in early /mid 20th century of computers and the world wide web. It would have been viewed as an impossibility.for sure. It is amazing how much science can advance in few decades .Science fiction coming to fruition. Gaming AI responding or mimicking human thought and emotion to the tee is more likely to happen in near future kind of like the virtual memory prototype that was made that acts like a deceased loved one that you can talk and engage with. I would never use one because it just seems too creepy to me but there are parties that think it is worth funding. I think for educational purposes it could be cool. For instance, Imagine if you could ask questions to Thomas Jefferson, Churchill or Bob Marley. Lol. I am realizing how Futurama my post is becoming. Still cool too think about. I am such a science fiction nerd.

  • Detachable monitors would be cool for laptops. That way you could mount it on the for better viewing angles.