What is your favorite screen size for a gaming laptop?

My favorite is 14 inches.

  • I have 15 inches. It's sufficient and portable.

  • love the 17 inch but 15 probably the standard for portability.

  • I figure if it's a gaming laptop, it is meant to be portable but enjoyable with a high resolution. After all, this isn't your usual business-trip laptop. 17" for me, please.

  • 15 inches both portable and good to play

  • I think the 17 inch is the way to go.

  • Definitely as large as I can get.

  • 15" is the way to go imo or something large as you can get but not limiting the portability of the laptop

  • 15 but I think 17 is also very nice. Personally im not a fan of 16in laptops for gaming and wish that Lenovo would bring back the 17 in version of their laptops. 

  • 15", anything larger can't fit into regular backpacks.

  • 15.6" or 16". 14" is much too small, and 17" is too big ang bulky.