Diablo 4 first thoughts

Anyone else get in to the early access of Diablo 4? what are your first thoughts?  In my opinion this game is great and i'm not even that far in to it. Blizzard did a really great job with this one and i cant wait to see what the future holds?

  • Not yet but looking forward

  • I decided to give in and get early access. I played barb instead of my usual sorc, since it's supposed to be better endgame. It's fun so far. I haven't been rushing the story. I wanted to unlock a lot of Act 1 first, so I haven't been grinding as hard. But from what I've seen, it's really polished. And the art and cinematics are so cool. There's been 0 server issues for me. I was worried it wouldn't live up to the hype, but it's definitely a way better experience than Diablo 3 was for me.

  • I haven't picked it up yet because I wanted to monitor possible issues with optimization or stutter on pc or console (PS5) before deciding which platform I go with. Also, the number of players who bought it for early access are going to be a much smaller pool of people than on launch day so there won't be as much feedback on pc. PS5 will perform relatively the same for all but on pc the more gamers playing on a variety of rigs will give  better feedback on performance. I really want it for pc so here's hoping to it being well optimized . I love the Diablo series.

  • Looking great so far from all the streams, hardcore fails are epic

  • seems great to me want to try out all the classes simultaneously hehe 

  • If I win one of these laptop giveaways, that’s the first thing I’m buying.  I’ve seen a few streams and it looks great!  Glad to hear ya’ll are enjoying it.

  • Great game. Have always loved the diablo series. It plays smooth and I haven’t had any problems with it. 

  • Appreciate everyone's input. I look forward to the game, just haven't had time to keep up with it yet. 

  • I don't play Diablo, but I know a couple guys who are eager to jump into it! Enjoy!