What was your 1st online multiplayer game (i.e. not a LAN-party)? What equipment were you using?

At University, I played a handful of multiplayer games.  But, always on the University's LAN — or directly on a node or cluster, via terminals in a computer lab.

I played my 1st online multplayer game, in 2001.  Although I had a (relatively) new 20" Nokia CRT (1600x1200 @ 75 Hz), I was playing on a PC which barely met the system requirements. On an IBM ThinkPad T20 (Pentium-III 750 MHz and 512 MB RAM) — with a DVD/CD-ROM drive and a 56K-modem — I connected, via dial-up ISP, to the game servers for:

DELTA FORCE: Land Warrior

DELTA FORCE: Land WarriorDFLW ScreenshotThis FPS game had many "new" features.  Many were, of course, graphics-related: lighting, shadows, and reflections off textures.  If the weapon equipped had a scope, players could see hazy reflections of what was behind them — including the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Not only did the weapon-models appear "realistic", but they appeared on-screen in front of the player — with weapon-sway, which increased with faster movements.  In addition to the typical array of weapons, DFLW touted one unique weapon: the XM29 OICW¹ (Objective Individual Combat Weapon).

Playing a multiplayer FPS doesn't require much bandwidth — even today.  But, 56 Kbps was pushing the lower limits.  I had to equip an LMG, every match, to compensate for the terrible lag I experienced.  "Pray-n-spray".

Early in 2002, I finally got home broadband (5 Mbps down; 3 Mbps up).  Lag was no longer an issue.  I could use any weapon, effectively.  But, cheating had made almost every match unbearable.  One example: invisible opponents would run around the map, knifing me and all of my teammates.  Why only knifing?  Because muzzle-flashes were not made invisible by the cheat, so they abstained from using guns. smh

¹ See the Wikipedia entry for XM29 OICW.

  • I didn't remember the specs for DFLW, either.  But, the game is on Steam.  According to the Steam page: DFLW requires Pentium-II and 512 MB RAM.

  • Modem was 16.6 but can't remember what game

  • Counter strike if I remember correctly.  No clue what system.  I THINK it was a system my buddy gave me when he got a new one.

  • It's been a while so I don't remember, but the game that really sticks out to me is Tremulous. Tremulous was a f2p alien vs humans fps game. Both sides had a base to defend and as your team got more kills, you unlocked stuff to improve your team's offensive and defensive strategies. From what I've read, it's pretty dead now but there's been some remakes of it under different names.

    I don't remember the laptop specs but it probably had some sort of integrated graphics because it took me a while to recognize dedicated mobile gpu's.

  • My first online multiplayer game was Hearthstone, and my ex got me into so it could be something we could play together. I got okay at it, but I wasn't as skilled as they were since they had been playing it longer than me. Overall though, I quite enjoyed it.

  • Hmmm. Had to be either a NCAA Football game or Diablo 2. Likely the latter on an old iMac (the one with the various colors). 

  • I played Dofus online with my then-boyfriend, now-husband. The art style was so cute and we liked the idea of playing a game together.

  • Counter-Strike was my first online game . HP desktop Pentium dual core processor. 

  • I think my first game was Unreal, the very first one playing deathmatch. Lot of good memories there.

  • Can't remember which I tried first, but it would have been back in 1996, on my Pentium 133 (with 16MB of RAM...wow!) and my trusty 28.8k modem. Would have either been Doom 2 or Warcraft 2. Good times!!