Legion Desktop Tower 7i - 3 months of use review

3070 i9 10900K LEGION Tower 7i

Cant get enough of this machine. I've have NO ISSUES. 


I truly wanna hear how others whom have bought the 3070 i9 10900K LEGION Tower 7i (or lesser versions) feel about this bad boy since there is STILL LIKE NOTHING ON THE INTERNET ABOUT THIS MACHINE!

Let me hear your thoughts!

My personal review.

- I feel its the best pre built for the money. Granted i bought this at $2100 total with a sale/coupon/free shipping months ago.

- no heating issues

- no noise

- RGB lighting is great

- Never OVER CLOCKED YET and i play WARZONE 144hz 3840 x 1200 super wide

- future proof mother board

- well put together, so much room for upgrading

- Can Max out RAM at 128GB

- Runs Adobe programs no problem.

- THE BEST CPU for wide gaming

  • Glad you're liking it so much! I'm still rocking last gen's T730 with a 2080/i9 9900K, so a bit jealous of you Smiley

    Awesome to hear how much FPS you're getting in WZ! I wonder if you overclocked it, if you could push towards 200+ on a standard display size!

  • So I believe I read 240FPS is the max on this machine. I have no idea why it wouldn't be able to do more? I would love to test, but that means I need another monitor. Haha

    The "texture resolution" and "shadow map resolution" both in game settings, are not maxed so i can achieve 144fps constantly. I do not notice the increase quality with them maxed. Too much details to notice when running around. 

    I do not think i need to overclock to reach 200+ on a standard monitor.Smirk

  • FPS shouldn't ever be gated by the machine, but the external monitor - most likely you have a 240hz monitor (same as me). You might also have FPS capped in-game to match the monitor refresh rate!

    Don't blame you on that, I turn off a lot of the extra shadows/ambient occlusion/etc to get that max FPS for competitive games too! You're definitely beating me with that new config though Smiley