Epic Games Summer Sale

The Epic Games Summer Sale for 2023 just started.

I don't have much on my wish list that's particularly grabbing at my wallet, so I might not participate in this one.

Find any good deals or have a game you've been waiting to grab? Drop them in the comments below and tell us why you got them!

  • Also looking for some good recommendations!

  • Not part of the sale, but Homeworld remastered will be free soon. I have enough in my backlog to keep me happy for a while yet Slight smile

    If you enjoy ARPGs, I recommend Path of Exile. The lore, gameplay, and graphics are very well done. There are many different types of builds, and there is tons of endgame content. 

  • I have been waiting to get for Kerbal Space Program 2 and Aliens Dark Descent but it seems Aliens Dark Descent is not in the sale and Kerbal Space Program 2 is only discounted to $39.99 which I am not sure I want to pay more than $25 or $30 for. TBH Epic's last couple of sales have not been that good compared to the Mega Sales with regenerating $10 coupon. Most of these games can be had for less in sales on Greenman Gaming, Fanatical etc... If I had to make a recommendation, it would be Marvel's Midnight Suns at $23.99 which is on par with sales on other store fronts. The gameplay is really fun if you can put up with the stale dialogue and encounters at headquarters. The combat and visuals are where the game shines.

  • Thanks for letting us know of this sale. I had no idea.  I will have to take a look to see if there is anything of interest to me.  I personally don't really use the platform as I prefer steam, but if there is something that interests me it may be too good not to pass up lol. look forward to seeing some suggestions from others as well :)

  • Thanks for the heads up! I usually at least browse this sale. Sometimes good deals can be found.

  • Thanks for the heads up!

  • Yes...thanks for the heads-up!  Jumping over there now!!!

  • I am here to see the recommendations as I am looking for ideas for my son for gifting purposes!

  • I bought couple games on previous sales and it's just piling up without much playing time so I probably would skip this one

  • What does epic games have in regards to retro pc games?