Who else is counting down the last remaining days to Starfield?

  • I am definitely ready!! I usually do not like single player games as I would enjoy exploring with a friend but… this may be an exception. It looks like there will be plenty to do and I wouldn’t get too bored with it very fast I feel like. Huge exploration for sure!

  • I am so ready, I've been waiting for this day for 5 years now.  Got the premium edition and everything.  So pumped.

  • meh will wait for reviews to come in.  So many games with the exception of Baldurs Gate 3 seem lately to be a disappointment out of the gate that doesnt get fixed for a number of patches if ever

  • I have it saved as a bookmark and have forgotten to check it for a long while.  Thanks for the reminder.

  • Definitely looks cool, but it's on my, "someday" list. I'll buy when it's on sale somewhere.

  • not me.  never played

  • Definitely looking forward to Starfield. I'm counting the days until general availability and will probably pick it up within a few days of release.

  • Looking good game but wait for sale. 

  • It looks awesome and I have pre-ordered it.  I'm always a little afraid to get a game when first released, because it seems like there are always bugs at first.  I hope this is an exception.

  • At least I got BG3 to keep me occupied to then, also on the lookout for cp77 phantom liberty so my holiday season is going to be packed with entertainment.