Future of FPS, SPS, and TPS (Fortnite is the winner?)

Hi everyone!

What is the future of FPS, SPS, and TPS looking like? In my opinion, Epic seems to be able to incorporate many aspects of modern video games into one game: Fortnite. Although they still have a long way to go before reaching the graphics and gameplay of a game like Battlefield or Call of Duty, their game's programming is in such a way which allows them to easily make new version of the same game within the same window.

Let me know what you think . This is obviously my opinion but I am strongly adamant about it.


  • There is no future, we are already there. That's all we have got and from now on it's either VR or minor graphic updates.

  • hopefully the fps can improve with graphics maybe have a different story like some of the halo games like reach.

  • Probably better graphics in the future, within the same engine. Although could be an improvement of graphics cards as well. The FN model works business wise, and is still one of the most played games. Maybe new modes? 

  • Fortnite killed online multiplayer shooters. I hate Battle Royale games and microtransactions. And since Fortnite became so successful, that's basically all there is.

    I currently play 3rd Person 6v6 on COD MW2. It's the only good shooter left IMO. I really hope the new COD keeps the gameplay the same and keeps 3rd Person in the game.

  • Sooner or later they'll be backlash on FN play style. Looking back to old school is probably the future

  • for me i am just going to wait and see

  • Would like to see a comeback of gun controller like back in the day

  • Yup, I agree. It's neither good nor bad. It just is what it is and we have to make sure that we are not cynical about it.

  • I think that Epic is already kinda there. They have not so many modes that a lot of people don't even know about!

  • could you name a few games that gun controller like you mentioned? I am curious now.