Crab Champions

This game seems hilarious and also really fun. Anyone played it yet/what do you think of it? It's only $10 on steam right now but if it sucks I don't want to buy it.

  • too funny, but really fun!

  • One of the best games I have played this year. If you like fast-paced rogue-like arena shooters then I will highly recommend it. I will say since it is in early access that there is a noticeable lack of content, but you should still be able to get around 50+ hours of playtime. 

  • Had never heard of it before  but seeing all the positive feedback it's something I'll check out. Thanks OP.

  • it really looks fun, i will love to try it. 

  • I hadn't heard of it until now, but it sounds like it might be fun!  You will have to let us know if you decide to play!

  • I haven’t tried it but looks fun, might give it a try 

  • Sounds interesting

  • I hadn't heard of it, but just checked it out on Steam.  It is an Early Access game right now, but if you're into that type of shooter game it looks very good and has an "Overwhelmingly Positive" review status.

  • This if the first time hearing about the game, by the comment's I read, I will look it up and give it a go. Thanks for the info..