Baldur's Gate 3 and Dragon Age Origins

I keep hearing people compare the two so I'm asking to those who have played it do you think the same thing? Are they alike? If so why do you think so? I'm asking before I buy it.

  • If you ask the better of the two I will always go dragon age but if you an immersive experience and something that goes beyond dragon age, then you should buy it

  • I've been hearing tons of hype about BG3 and I've heard good things about DA:O but I haven't played either one. If I had to go in blind I'd choose BG3 just because the Divinity Original Sin games were great and Larian seems to have further improved their formula with Baldur's Gate.

  • I haven’t played BG3 yet, but I’ve talked to a handful of people who have played both and it’s mixed.  Everyone loves them both, but might like different aspects of one over the other.  That said, they’re all playing BG3 right now and say it’s awesome.

  • Dragon Age Origins is really very good. I'd hope BG3 is of the same caliber.

  • Dragon Age Origins is an awesome game & very enjoyable. If Baldur's Gate 3 is similar, I look forward to playing it too. 

  • I would go with Dragon Age Origins, but everyone has different likes, watch lots of game-play before you buy, it will help you choose.

  • I really enjoyed Dragon Age Origins back in the day, and haven’t picked up BG3 yet. But if I had to pick one now, I’d go with Baldur’s Gate 3 just to be part of the hype going on now Smile

  • Dragon Age Origins helped start the structure of modern RPGs, Baldur's Gate 3 is the culmination of many great RPG mechanics +DnD gameplay.

    Unfortunately Dragon Age is in the hands of EA, which didn't do a good job with the latest Mass Effect. 

    Larian seems to hit it out of the park, with its seemingly infinite story choices combined with great gameplay. 

  • I would have to say no,not at all alike. For one, dragon age origins is not a very good game... It was very limited..can't say I liked it too much..

  • Origins was great game at the time. I hope to play BG3 sometime in the near future