Streaming (or YouTube) Tips / Ideas?

I've been a YouTube content creator for years. I am a - HUGE - gamer. At this time I do not really have a niche, and I do not normally play very popular title games (I do play some, but I prefer less popular games normally). I do it simply for the sheer enjoyment of gaming and I love editing and creating the videos. It's just a passion for me. (I do other videos for other channels (they are just as popular too (lol))).

This being said, it would be tremendous if I could actually get some attention. It may not be important to me right now, but who wouldn't love to just one day be able to stop working their daily grind and do something they love for a living? My subscribers are in the double-digits right now (heck, that makes me happy), but I have heard that people can make a living doing this as well.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Maybe I'm just publicizing poorly? I think my quality is alright for having no budget. Just trying to get ideas from anyone on here that might actually be doing this already. I'm not trying to cut in on anyone's income, but I would gladly like to join the ranks!

Any ideas are welcome. :) Thank you!

LENOVO: If you need more streamers, let me know! I'll start training in these strange-looking games you seem to promote. (APEX Legends?) Smiley

  • Pump out videos regularly. Encourage comments and discussion, make a discord group, other social media, flashy titles, great thumbnails. 

  • I'm not a Youtuber or influencer at all but I'll weigh in anyway. It sounds like you do have a slight niche. If you're playing less popular games, lean into that. Put out videos on a consistent schedule. Add a bunch of tags to your videos to makes sure your videos are discoverable and that they connect to each other. You want first time viewers to watch more of your videos rather than hop to another similar Youtuber. Utilize multiple platforms to gain more visibility: TikTok, Instagram, Youtube Shorts, Twitter, Twitch. Maybe the biggest thing is to make sure your videos are clickable. A good thumbnail will go a long way.

    Keep in mind that a busload of subscribers is a lot and the quality of your content will only grow as you develop your skills. Kudos to you!

  • Not a streamer here, but things I have heard from other streamers: pay attention to your viewers and ask them what they want to see more of, pick several paths for advertising, research to see what games or genres are popular but less saturated, be consistent with uploads and flexible to changes. Again, just what I have heard and seen around YouTube. Good luck!

  • not a streamer but based on ones i watch you need regular videos, focus somewhat in a genre like strategy or rpg, and try to find well reviewed titles that are lesser known than D4 or fortnite and do a playthru thats a different path like choosing the evil path in a rpg or help the germans win ww2 or something like that.

  • I'm not too much into watching streams. I do from time to time, though. I'd much rather watch YT videos, personally. I don't have much insight into it all, but I would check out your channel. I play less popular games as well, and I like to find new ones, so I'd watch some of your content just for that. IDK if there's some rule about self-promotion here (I assume there is and that's the reason you didn't include some links) but now that I'm asking directly, I'd think it would be okay, I hope Innocent

  • Wishing you lots of luck - it's a tough area to break into due to the competition, so my advice would be to try and find something that stands out about you or your style, and play that up. You need to stand out from the crowd or you'll get lost in it. Good luck...and maybe share a link!

  • following this thread.  That's awesome you already have your own YT channel going.  I had always wanted to make one but never made the leap.  From what I gather keep putting up content on a regular schedule, leverage analytics, find an new and interesting way to make a series/lets play

  • make a whole bunch of videos in your spare time maybe get a streaming mic and decent webcam

  • I use YouTube to publish content because of the traffic.

  • Try to be consistent in video releases, and find a niche that isn't being met yet Slight smile