Do you like windows 11?

  • Hey Cyber! I haven't managed to try it out yet... what do you think of it overall so far?

  • I have it installed on one of my computer since I'm with Windows Insider Program and so far I love the ai that help manage the resource and the new task view setup

  • I like it yes, that being said I was really hoping it would be lightweight allowing a snappier experience which so far it does not. There needs to be a bloat/service free option with less data mining of usage/habits. Outside of that, it works surprisingly well considering it is still beta. 

  • Former M.
    Former M. in reply to resolved_saucer

    I love Windows 11 on my Legion Legion 5 Pro 16ACH6H laptop it works on Windows  insider DEV  program

  • Im really enjoying it its clean and and fast on my Lenovo L340boot times round 4 seconds.

  • i installed it from the iso so i was able to just upgrade win 10 then joined preview for it to update.

  • nice one please keep us up to date with and of the features you enjoy.

  • I am seeing lots of posts indicating preference for Windows 10 over "upgrading" to Windows 11. Have the issues/bugs been fixed with Windows 11 by now (Feb. '24)? Or is it best to switch to Windows 10 when my new Lenovo Laptop (pre-installed with Windows 11) arrives? 

  • I always hate having to switch over to the latest major Windows update, but then I quickly adapt and appreciate the new features. And least until the next major update...