Best game

Hello Everyone 

If we asked you to choose one game to play it, which game you are going to choose?

for me Minecraft, because I think this game has no end for it Sweat smile

  • Big fan of Old School Runescape.  Months of playtime and still content to experience, plus, player community has a big say in what content/updates get added.  I've played for years and still havn't reached 99 in all skills!

  • Might have to be God of War for me. I need Ragnarok to come to PC ASAP

  • The closest i've ever come to endless without getting sick of it would be Xcom 2 and it's infinite sea of mods.

  • If it were possible to go back in time, I'd like to play the Wing Commander series again. For a modern game, I would choose Diablo IV.

  • For right now I'm super into Monster Hunter World right now

  • Fallout New Vegas. I feel like Fallout is endless fun with every playthrough and I never usually get bored playing it each year but Minecraft is good one too.

  • Skyrim or FO4. Keep going back to Bethesda games.

  • COD I mean do shooters ever really get old?

  • For me, it'd be Civilization IV.  It's a tough choice though, there's just so many great games out there.

  • Sims 3 as I didn't like 4 that much. I would spend years building houses and making scenarios to torment my Sims.