Best game

Hello Everyone 

If we asked you to choose one game to play it, which game you are going to choose?

for me Minecraft, because I think this game has no end for it Sweat smile

  • Tough question, so many good ones. Think i would have to go strategy like a HOI 4, Survivng Mars, City Skylines but Baldurs Gate 3 which I havent played yet might be the winner.

  • Crusader Kings 3 is a strategy game & role-playing game, where you can immerse yourself in the lives of your characters and their families. You can experience love, betrayal, friendship, rivalry, war, peace, and everything in between. You can also interact with thousands of other characters, each with their own personality, agenda, and goals. You can influence them with diplomacy, intrigue, or force, or you can let them influence you.

    Basically, it the ultimate medieval sandbox, only if they had total war style battles would declare it the ultimate game.

  • Red Dead Redemption 2, the only modern game I have gotten 100% on.

  • Definitly hallow knight, meticulously detailes game filed with a floral/gothic/post apocalyptic feeling game, where you wonder the wilds of decaying kingdom ridden witg infection and infectes enemies andnlong forgotten gods!.

    Oh and mostly everyone is a bug. 8) one hundred percent recommend.

  • I just here for the suggestions! 

  • I spent tons of time playing NCAA Football back in the day, so maybe that one. Or an open world RPG like Fallout 3 or New Vegas or the Witcher series or Skyrim. Also enjoyed battling the big monsters in FF XII. 

  • Pretty much any FF series, but especially VIII, X, and XIV (online)

  • Might go Super Mario World on the SNES