Speed up your Windows 10 computer for better gaming performance

Disclaimer: I did not create the script and it will break some Windows features on purpose to reduce OS overhead (things like OneDrive/Cortana) so if you need those for some reason then do not do this!

So I have been following ChrisTitusTech on Youtube for a while -- he has create OS content on Linux/Windows etc among other things. He has a website as well that follows the same flow/content. He made a powershell script you can run that will allow you to strip all the non essential Windows tracking and default apps including OneDrive Cortana etc and gives option to replace with lightweight opensource and free alternatives. I have tried this and it works great especially if you primarily use your computer for gaming. I have a work laptop and a laptop for gaming so when applied to the gaming only laptop it made an immediate difference to boot times, snappiness, and overall gaming performance. It is completely reversible. If you are interested in speeding up your Legion device then I highly recommend trying this out. Link is here: https://christitus.com/debloat-windows-10-2020/

All instructions can be found on this link. Happy gaming good people!