VR and AR gaming

Do you think VR and AR gaming will become as good as traditional gaming? If so, how long do you think before the technology reaches that point?

  • I've played VR games and I'm not to impressed with them.. I would hope they will be getting better in the near future though..

  • I seriously don't think so.  Look at all the hype that was happening with 3D TV and that has since pretty much died out completely.  Too much, too complicated hardware requirements.  Rigs are cumbersome and require considerable amount of space.  I think traditional gaming will continue to be predominant and VR/AR will be a niche for some time yet.  Frankly I think that climate change and its myriad effects will start occupying our time and attention more and more and VR/AR gaming will just not have opportunity to evolve into something mainstream - hopefully I'm wrong but somehow I don't think so.

  • I think VR and AR gaming is different enough from traditional gaming in that it would never replace traditional gaming. 

  • Traditional gaming isn't going anywhere. Remember when people thought the Wii was the future of gaming?

  • I mean for me VR is kind of mid. I've never tried AR so I wouldn't really know how good it would be. Honestly, I do hope that VR gets better in the future. In terms of how long I think it would take, I think it would be like a couple years, like 1 - 3 years.

  • When the technology catches up yes and even better, at least another 3 years

  • I think it can, it just needs more devs who can take advantage of it. Overall, there is so much potential, and its still so new.

  • I think they can as technology improves I think it would have great potential.

  • I think somewhere in the future as things continue to improve and evolve.  I grew up with the original Atari (hey, I'm old!) and I am amazed at the way things have evolved.  Everything improves with time as new technology comes about. I don't really have a time estimate, but it seems like things really change rapidly now. I think maybe in a few years, it could really be great.

  • I think so because the trend is towards cheaper devices accessible to everyone. The single board computer was a huge success. Everyone isn't willing to or able to afford a thousand dollar gaming PC or 600 dollar console. Graphics are at the Xbox to Xbox 360 levels. In a few years, there's the potential for ps3 or Xbox One graphics.