Would you buy a laptop with a ton of RGB, like on the logo, under the keyboard, OR, would you buy one with none, so as to not draw attention from other people.

  1. I saw a video where somebody was comparing the last three generations of the Legion 7 Pro, and he said he did not like how much RGB the Legion 7 pro Gen 7 had versus the Legion 7 pro Gen 8. I personally think more RGB is better, as long as you can turn it off when you want to. This also brings up the question of if the more RGB lighting you have on your laptop, will it DRAIN your battery more?
  • Prefer to have the option like you, to turn it off/on. but for the most part, i like my laptop to not scream gaming laptop too much. Yeah, I guess it can drain battery faster, I personally never turn it on on battery as I also rarely game while on battery mode.

  • I can take it or leave it.  I don't have RBG on my laptop but it came with my gaming/VR tower. 

  • I like a backlit keyboard with lighting options but I don’t really want RGB all over the place personally. I’m 52, just doesn’t suit me but I get other people liking it. If I had any major lighting on a tower PC I would go with a clean white or blue build. 

  • As long as it can be turned off, then I'm fine with it. Also, as long as it doesn't cost way more than one without it. I rarely use RGB on my system for battery reasons and because I find it distracting while playing.

  • Less RGB the better. Just need a functioning backlight for the keyboard, and the ability to adjust to the level you want. You don't need a disco party for productivity lol

  • I like just a little bit of RGB.

  • I prefer none on a laptop myself.  Plain jane

  • I love the lights. Makes gaming at night 1000x better

  • I like having RGB on my electronics. Sure it might not be the most practical or useful, but I like the way it looks, plus it makes the laptop feel like it belongs to me. Customizing it to how I like it is something I want, so an RGB keyboard is something I want. 

  • I'd prefer none. RGB has gone overboard.