Which resolution do you like to play on?

With Starfield out, among other great games on PC, which is an ideal resolution do you prefer to play on for these massive games (seems like the min download is 110GB)? 

1080 200+fps, 1440p 100+fps, or 4k 60fps+ ? (If not limited by GPU)

  • back when I had a working gaming laptop, I would usually just go with 1080 because it couldn't handle 4k or 1440, and I honestly just don't know enough to say about FPS. 

  • With my old pc, I can't do any of those. I do as low as game will allow, generally 480 or 720 at 720x1024

  • I have always preferred performance over graphics so even though my Legion is capable of 4k and RT, it is too much of a hit to fps and overall performance. I almost always game at 1080p with raytracing off at high or ultra settings and can get between 90-160 fps on almost any game on it. There are exceptions obviously if the game is a mess on the optimization side of things which even the highest graphics cards and cpus often will have issues. In my personal opinion, 4k is overrated on a smaller laptop screen. On a 65 incher, it is a different story as the number of pixels truly are noticeable.

  • I like 1440p 100+ fps

  • I honestly like to play in whatever resolution that lets me balance with enough fps but usually over 1080p

  • 1440p 100+ fps definitely

  • I like to play full-screen if the resolution is alright 

  • I play games at 1296p and have AMD RSR upscale that to 1440p, with my monitor capable up to 144hz.

  • Whatever is the best performance. I tend to prefer windowed, just to be able to switch over easily. 

  • As an old school gamer, I love me some 640x480. Give me 30fps and I'm good to go!