Laptop upgrades

Wouldnt it be nice if laptop designers would design laptops to be easier to upgrade??  I think it should NOT entail taking out bunch of screws and prying/popping the whole bottom cover off.  I think it should just be a small easy to open compartment with a set into compartment cover thumb screw.  Inside the compartment would be memory and hd/ssd access.  Then you could add or change it out and close the cover back up quick and easy with out the major teardown and risk to other components.  Also no lost screws or damaged covers etc....    Any thoughts?/?

  • I like the triple screen add on, that you can use as an upgrade for laptop.

  • Even better if they label the interior parts. And then make them easy to remove.

  • Would be nice to have access panels for the SSD and Ram areas.   Was just thinking that having a clear bottom would be neat also.  

  • Agreed. It seems such a waste of materials. Sometimes you need need a couple of things to be new and the rest is still good or that you really like, doesn't make sense from a consumer's point of view; But I'm sure from a manufacturer's point of view it makes total (financial) sense.

  • I stopped holding out hope and moved to a desktop because the trend seems to be to make laptops smaller and slimmer with no regard for upgradeability except for adding NVMe drives.

  • It's kind of a tricky situation. If you only want to be able to upgrade RAM or storage, then it's probably not too difficult to engineer removable compartment pieces. But consider the Framework laptops. You can upgrade/replace most or all of the parts individually, including the mainboard. Adding compartments may weaken any IP/water intrusion rating.

  • Understand what you're saying...but those extra screws help keep your laptop nice and secure while it bounces around in your backpack (or wherever). It's not like they add them just because they like to... they're functional.

  • Always! Some of the older gaming laptops from other companies had 1 screw access to the internals, and you could swap screens! While I don't think processor/GPU upgrades are even viable, all other parts could be upgradeable. Look at Framework!

  • I've had laptops long ago that had accessible memory and drive slots. Laptop manufacturers figured out if the machine wasn't easy to upgrade, they would be more likely to get a new sale if someone needed more power, and they would be more likely to get the upgrades to the base machine during the sale that they overcharge for.