Diablo 2 Remastered are you playing this one?

Hey guys been playing Diablo 2 Remastered so far the nostalgia is kicking in. I miss the days who walking around with hordes of skeletal mages and warriors or rocking a pure support aura with my crusader.

Anyone else gonna play this? if so give me headsup and lets party up sometimes.

  • Me, downloading it atm :) 

  • Open Beta is online for all platforms till monday 00:00

  • Which class are you going for?

  • I plan to play it eventually, but i'll wait for a decent sale. 

  • I will play on pc but when it come on sale

  • I tried the open beta, loved the nostalgia, but it didn't seem like they remastered much, graphics aren't much different. Definitely not worth the $40. I'm just going to skip this and play New World next week.

  • Wasn't initially going to play it, but old college friends want to get it and relive the nostalgia. 

  • I only ever played 3 and people said that was the worst one so I'm excited to try 2.

  • Sure! I hope they will add new post launch content. Some new classes and enemies would be awesome!