Sims Gaming Laptop Options

I have been an avid simmer my whole life and have been through 10+ different laptops trying to find one that would work. i am currently playing the sims 4 on some kind of toshiba laptop and it can no longer support the game. it takes between an hour and an hour and a half for it to just load to then play a laggy game, i love the sims and just want to be able to play. so i’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions for the kind of laptop that would be able to run the sims plus all the add on content while still having space for future content! 

  • The "Can I Run It" website will let you compare your computer to any game's requirements. Or look at a game and it'll let you know what hardware you need. I've been using it for about a decade now, it's good and free (with ads of course).

  • Websites like that are great and I recommend trying a few and comparing the results :) 

  • A basic Lenovo gaming laptop can run the Sims 4 just fine

  • Most mid range laptops should be good