Best Handheld PC Gaming System

I'm interested in the Steam Deck, but it doesn't play resource hungry games that good. I can compromise as a Nintendo Switch player, but would love to play Call of Duty with graphics high and low latency while on the go. Any suggestions?

  • If you think Steam Deck doesn't play resource hungry games, I have very bad news about your option for a Nintendo Switch. Not only can deck play more games, it has been shown to run Switch games better than the Switch itself.

  • Curious how this get answered. With Xmas coming and all.... looking for suggestions too.

  • To be honest, when I read the title of this thread I couldn't even think of one other than the Legion one.   I haven't tried it so I can't give an opinion on it.   Thinking about it logically I believe they are seriously limited just based on the battery cap. alone.   Maybe that tech is getting far enough advanced to make it viable.   

  • I would say playstation one that is coming out soon.

  • Prob steam deck. I like the bigger screen on lenovo legion go tho

  • Good question. I'm waiting out the current generation of handheld PCs to see what comes next once the market has matured a bit.

  • Sounds like you want a desktop with Ethernet. You can't get low latency with wireless.

  • Waiting for the gen 2 Steam Deck, its a great start but some things can be improved/adjusted. Having your steam library on the go is really neat and a great feature/option to have while traveling or on the go. 

  • Steam Deck needs some polish on a lot of games, but the hardware is incredible. The Nintendo Switch is great and polished for the Nintendo games on it, but the hardware is becoming more and more a limiting factor for modern games.