Games like Valheim?

Suggestions? Or mod suggestions for a second playthrough? I liked the world exploration and building parts of the game in particular. 

  • There's a new one called "Len's Island" that is has a world you can run explore, fight, gather resources, and then build a house for yourself. It's definitely a different atmosphere but it might be up your alley. Also, Grounded is pretty fun, the difference there is that you're shrunken down in your backyard, like Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. I've had more fun in that game than I was expecting, even on my low-end laptop. Good luck, anyway.

  • For open-world survival craft, I would recommend Grounded, V Rising, Conan Exiles, and The Forest. 

  • If you don’t mind a bit of sci-fi you may like Icarus. It has come a long way and seems to be getting popular with streamers. I have liked the several hours I have put in recently a lot. It has really decent building and exploration features and great skill trees. 

  • I will try grounded, same style but totally different. it is an excellent game.