Desktop to Laptop

My wife and I are looking to downsize, and I have a desktop PC currently that I am trying to sell. I would like to get a gaming laptop to play on occasionally, but also work from. What recommendations would you give for choosing the best fit?

  • People are mentioning the Yoga but I’m not sure that’ll cut it for gaming.  Depends on what you’re playing I guess?  The Legion Slim laptops are nice gaming machines but are also very portable.  If you get a laptop, you always have the option to dock it so it feels like a desktop but still has the portability of a laptop.  If it’s not gonna move around too much, can’t go wrong with a Legion Pro 5 or 7 series laptop.  Look for at least an 8GB GPU to somewhat future-proof it though.

  • Any of the Legion line is a good choice. great build quality and good performance for a laptop. 

  • We've had good experiences with Lenovo's products & HP's. 

  • I've used Lenovo's for over a decade. None have failed me. HP's been reliable too. My MSI crashed & the case seperated soon after use. I'll avoid them forever. 

    Make sure to load up on RAM (16 GB or more) and ample screen size. For gaming tho, I often like hooking up to an external monitor, keyboard & mouse so make sure you have ports for that if you prefer the same.

  • Get a Legion and one of the "I" models.

  • I would recommend mac mini or macbook air or alienware x14

  • If you're starting to need reading glasses, make sure to get one with a 16 inch 16:10 screen.  !080P or better .   Make sure to get a good wireless mouse; maybe a smaller one to be more portable?   Can try to sell the existing one on EBAY, Craigslist; etc. (Or can donate to a local school, senior center, etc... and at least get a tax break...)  Good luck!

  • Legion 5I.  Nicely Rounded Laptop.  Black Friday is coming up.  I am sure you could get a great deal on 1.

  • Like others have said, the Lenovo Yoga is a great option. I personally use a Legion 5, and while I'm more gaming focused than business focused, it's really great for both (maybe a little overkill on the business end).

  • It depends on the games you play, and what resolution (external monitor?) you expect. Lenovo has gaming laptops. Try to get the most powerful CPU & graphics for your budget.