What's your pick for the most overrated PC game?

Doesn't have to be a bad game, just one a couple of picks that receive way more attention than they deserve.

Half Life comes to mind for me. Good game but I don't understand the infatuation with it at all. I'm sure I'd put call of duty ahead of it if I ever bothered to play it but it never "called" to me.

What are your picks?

  • CSGO I can understand why people like it of course but I don't get how big it is still after all these years.

  • I agree with your take on half-life. I've started playing Black Mesa but dropped it a few hours in since it didn't keep my interest, maybe i'll pick it up later. Most pc gamers seem to be quite critical of games so I don't think I could name a truly overrated pc game. However Nintendo games on the other hand sometimes don't live up to the hype (hot take incoming). Breath of the Wild for example felt boring and lifeless to me. The climbing mechanics were fun, but then there were cookie cutter quests and reused enemies. Exploring doesn't give you meaningful rewards, so I didn't feel enthusiastic about that. There isn't much of a story (I wasn't expecting it) and there are few voice acted moments in the entire game. Maybe the sequel improved on that, but to me it felt only like a few notches above the Ubisoft open world game, not the "masterpiece of the generation" that people praise it as. I wonder if that's the nature of Nintendo gamers since they are more attached and less picky of their favorite franchises, or if they hadn't experienced an open world game until this point. I found Mario Odyssey much more in line with its rating.

  • I don't like League of Legends or Dota 2. I understand that people really like MOBAs but they are not for me. 

  • Valorant. It's way too stiff

  • I'm not sure if this counts but "Monkey Island". I played "Return" recently and not sure why everyone holds it up as this gem. Is it pure nostalgia, because even from the understanding lens of the limited technology at the time, I can't see how this game is fun.

  • This is a tough question, but I think actually - for me anyway - World of Warcraft expansions. Too little in the way of _truly new_ or _novel_ to be worth the hype and cost.

  • That one's more niche than most fans like to admit. I like point and click games and I love pirate themes but Monkey Island's just annoying to me for some reason.

  • Half Life is goated for what it is when it was first release and its legacy contributes to some of its appreciation. Call of duty is released a good 5 years after?

  • Bioshock infinite. Played it right after playing Bioshock 2 and it was a major downgrade. Certainly not an amazing mind blowing game as it was hyped up to be. 

  • Valorant. How do you even play that game?