I love Happy Lemon, a Chinese pearl tea store, since it listens to customer suggestions. Can Lenovo do the same? Then I will love Lenovo too!

I live in sunny California, and I love the Chinese pearl tea shop Happy Lemon. Once I asked it to add dipping sauces to their waffles, and they gladly listened to my advice. Then when I came back, I found out Happy Lemon added frosting to their waffles! Wow! Nice! If only Lenovo will do the same, and listen to customer suggestions! Then I will really love this company! On another note, Lenovo should spin off Motorola, since it's nothing to do with computing, and stop making cell phones, and dumbed-down "smart devices." Lenovo should make computing cool again. I hope I will not get kicked out here! I want to give some computing ideas soon! Thanks!

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