Predict the best game of 2023!

This has been an epic year for gamers everywhere. 2023 has seen some truly amazing video game titles get released in juts about every genre. With all that in mind, what do you believe will take the cake for "Game of the Year"? I've added a few games that I think will be good contenders for it below, but feel free to let me know if there is any that I missed that you feel have a shot at the coveted title. 

  • To be quite honest, I forgot Hogwarts Legacy even came out this year. I enjoyed my time with it though! Of the other games listed I've only played BG3 and Starfield, but just judging by the general hype and great reviews, my money is on BG3. 

  • Probably Street Fighter or Baldur's Gate

  • Why isn't "The Lord of the Rings:Gollum" on the list?

    Just kidding. That's another survey.

  • I have to go with D4 - just for loyalty.

  • Super Mario Bros. Wonder

  • From the sustained hype I have seen, probably either Zelda, or Baldur's Gate.