With the revival of Titanfall 2 do you think there would be events that include titanfal 2 and it's lore more ?

I love apex and I love titanfall 2 I hope we get more of their lore working together

  • My friend just bought me TitanFall 2, I love it! BUt what do you mean revived? DId it get popular suddenly and why?

  • I didn't see this revival, I think you may have gotten lucky with timing or something 

  • Titan Fall 2 is the greatest fps of all time and I would love to see it introduced again even if it is just an Apex event. However, I do not see this being realistic. 

  • Not so into FPS but friends rave about this game. Enjoy! 

  • I have not play Titanfall game in a long time, may be I will play it this week.

  • I loved titanfall 2 I wasn't aware there was a revival of it

  • More titanfall would be amazing, but the same team is having issues with keeping Apex Legends popular, especially in the esports/competitive scene

  • I wasn't aware that there was a resurgence of players or a revival of some sort but Titanfall 2 is one of my favorite games. I loved the campaign and the multiplayer was really good too. I really hope EA approves a Titanfall 3 in the future. If I remember correctly it launched right when a new COD and Battlefield game launched and Star Wars Battllefront 2 all within months. Not 100% positive about SW Battlefront but it didn't meet the expectations in revenue that EA wanted but think it did pretty well long term. They really should give it another sequel. I personally would prefer a new Titanfall game over an event in Apex or another title but I'll welcome anything we can get Titanfall related.

  • I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

  • Gosh I haven't played in ages. I didn't hear about a revivial. might have to bust out the old game this weekend.