On which days of the week & on what times do you enjoy gaming?

Hi all! This is a question that I have been wanting to ask for a while as I think it affects both my mental and physical health depending on when and how often I play video games as opposed to resting or doing something more physical such as playing a sport like soccer or tennis.

On which days of the week and on what time-frame during the day do you enjoy gaming the most? and why?

Thank you in advance!

  • I like gaming at night, no distractions no specific days of the week, 
    just when I want to unwind and tune out the stress or when I need a break from life lol Joy

  • All days of the week, mostly at night. Though Fortnite sometimes in the afternoon (usually just one or two rounds for dailies, especially if the servers will be down later). Most days it is just Fortnite, Star Trek Online, plus whatever game I am playing through at the moment if anything (just started Assassin's Creed: Mirage).

  • I'll play whenever. If I don't have any plans, I'll play a game or watch a streaming service. There's a game I used to play a lot, but it gave me anger issues because there was so much luck involved. It took me a while to acknowledge it. I still play it a little bit, but usually in small doses or against a bot to test something. Just do what you consider fun. If you don't like being inactive, try to fit in some body weight exercises or just get up and move around.

  • Most of the people I game with get off work around 4 pm so gaming at 5 pm seems to be the best time overall. 

  • I enjoy playing most on weekends since everyone is free to play! Though mostly I game everyday when I can and stay up late playing games when I don't need to work early in the morning.

  • Just whenever I believe I won't have any distractions

  • Usually play at night.  I’m a night owl so I wait until my wife and kids are asleep and then I’ll play for a bit.

  • One day during weekend and maybe one or two nights during the week. No more than that!

  • Saturdays, late afternoon. Relaxing.

  • Everyday!  Normally in the morning before I start working and then some when the family comes home for the day.