New to Streaming and cant seem to get it working....

I have a Legion Y740 with a Core i7 9750H and RTX 2060 and 16gb ram. I have WIFI 6 and my computer is running on ethernet. I have a corsair K55 RGB for the added stream deck functionality (even though I can set it up and it doesn't seem to do anything, that's for another time though) I have a Razer Kiyo web cam that I am using because of the light intergraded in the camera to make the picture quality remarkable (I love video editing and producing and that's why I got my legion laptop originally anyways)


I am trying to become knowledgeable with streaming because my son wants me to help him get started. I have tried all the software honestly. Stream labs OBS seems to work the most reliably for me. That being said I am not opposed to using the Twitch Studios program or OBS studio, X split, The built in NVidia streaming client or any of the other options available on the market today... I don't have a ton of money to buy a new fancy desktop or anything like that. I am planning on getting a video capture card next to try and get it to work if I stream from the Xbox to my computer. Any newer game, even with the graphics set to low is not playable because of the lag associated with the streaming. Games like Call of duty lag so bad I will have my system crash and report to Microsoft If I am running Iracing it wont load the game without closing the stream...


What is a good way to monitor my resources and see what is using what? I would love to know how much the streaming software is REALLY killing me... do I try to use my desktop (that has no video card because I was told it would be a year on backorder if I wanted a RTX3090)... It isn't anything special but it is what the VA gave me for going to school. Its an HP with a Core i7 10700 and 16gb ram. I could try to stream from there and maybe plug a HDMI in my Legion to the USB C on there? I am brand new to streaming so forgive me if I'm ignorant of anything I am blatantly missing

  • Hey Pb!

    Happy to help with streaming Qs Slight smile
    Are you only noticing the issues when running streaming software? i.e. does CoD run fine when you're just playing, not streaming it?

    I generally recommend OBS Studio since it's usually the least resource-intensive program. Using a capture card system with your xbox will also significantly help your PC processing potential, since it only has to encode vs. encoding & playing the game.

    Warzone is a pretty intensive game, so it may be hard to get a smooth stream on a laptop system with 2060. I would test some other games to see how they perform too (Valorant, CSGO, League, etc). That will help you determine if it's a game issue, or something affecting all programs.