New World releases today! Who's playing it?

Finally, some new games to play Pray

New World is one of the biggest game releases of the year - many Legion community members have been waiting for this one.

Are you picking this game up?

What will your playstyle be - which faction are you joining? What weapons do you prefer?

And most importantly... which server should we all play on with the Legion group? Slight smile

  • SO excited for this game. I didn't get to play the early access at all, so today will be my first real look into the game for myself and I'm PUMPED. I love games like this and am so excited to play with new people!

  • Nice - going in blind! Keep us updated on your thoughts overall Slight smile

    Also join the Marauders!! Smiley

  • I'm going to wait a bit to see how populations are doing and what the final opinion on endgame content is.

  • Endgame is a big concern for sure, what's the farthest anyone has gotten so far? Last I checked, Shroud was only like level 32

  • I'm actually surprised someone isn't max level already (if there is one) so this is actually a good indication of how long it might take to even get to the endgame. It's not going to be quick like Destiny it seems.

  • I'm personally not interested in it at all. RPGs have never been my thing.

  • On what server exactly? I don't play, but I think people may want to know what server your group is on.

  • What exactly is the story and objective of this game?