Battlefield 2042 Beta - First Impressions

Battlefield 2042 is now in open beta!

Have you tried out the week-long beta for the upcoming game?

What are your thoughts on the game design, beta map, and overall feel of the game?

Do you see yourself playing a lot of BF2042 when the full game releases in Novemeber?

  • Reminds me of the movie "Edge of Tomorrow". Join the battle, die quickly and repeat. It looks really good, but the map view isn't really helpful. It's also so easy to spawn in a bad spot, resulting in nearly instant death. A little too disorganized for my taste, but hope they continue to tweak it before final release.

  • It was really fun I haven't been into pvp games in a while but I think this one will bring me back (so long as they don't screw up launch) my only issue is the helicopters need a nerf on the flares it's a little ridiculous how many flares they have and makes them almost impossible to take out also they need to remove dump rockets from the little bird.

  • Do you see yourself picking it up when it fully releases? Waiting to see how it turns out?

  • Waiting to see how it turns out. I like the overall "feel" of it and the graphics, just a little too chaotic in its current state.