New World GPU situation

Hello folks!

Im new around here, just got myself a legion 7 laptop and I really wanted to try New World game.
I was wondering if any of my fellow legion users encountered any issues regarding this gpu killing situation? Is it safe to play New World on legion devices or better wait a little bit more?

  • I've seen a lot of discussion on this, it's a good question!

    From what I've been hearing, this GPU bricking mainly affects 3090+ cards on standalone towers. Legion doesn't carry 3090 cards in any product to my knowledge, plus laptop design will be treated differently than the tower architecture. I haven't seen any Legion owners report issues yet. Played about 10 hours of NW on my Legion 5pro myself with no issues.

    I think you should be fine Slight smile If there is any issue, I've also been hearing that New World/NVIDIA are helping take care of players who experience issues.

  • Im going to give it a try then, thank you for answer Ben!

  • Was New World really made by Amazon?