What do Legion fans here think about these two gaming quotes?

Online, on the defunct Mektek Mech Warrior BBS, a person called "Jehosephat2k" said "PC=Freedom and console=slavery." In extension, all computers, are instruments of freedom, while dumbed-down devices, such as smart TVs, information appliances, such as the so-called "smart devices," enslave people. Computers allow people to make their own games, so should be at the pinnacle of gaming, not dumbed-down devices. Also, an Amiga user, called the PC, "a piece of crap." This is true, as PCs have horrible hardware, and constantly freeze, and crash. Can Lenovo make better computers, than PCs? I posted my ideas, on this board, and I wish Lenovo, will make cool gaming workstations, and make computing cool again. I have a Mac, but it's also horrible, since it has no disk drives. I wish there will be better computers! Please listen to me, Lenovo! I don't want computing to die!