Starfield Shooting with Xbox Control Vs PC

I was playing starfield on my computer, I signed up for the Xbox Game Pass and tried to play starfield on my xbox, god is PC mouse so much better, I had such a odd time trying to get the Crosshair to shoot well, and most of the time there's some aim assist but there's none on this Single player game? The hell normally I complain about aim assist for PVP but there should be a option for some aim assist in Starfield with a control because trying to make consistent headshots with a controller is a pain in the butt. 

  • I have to play mouse and keyboard for FPS games. 3rd POV games like Assassin's Creed I prefer controller for the vibration feedback. Funny enough, I started playing Starfield on Xbox and found myself picking up so many items and looting so much stuff off tables and cabinets early on that I had to make the switch becauses aiming items was extremely inefficient for me. I mean, I work on a computer 40 hours a week, pointing to stuff with a mouse is my entire job. 

  • I think it's just a matter of what you are used to. While yeah, mouse and keyboard has more potential to make crazy maneuvers with your aiming since you've got your whole arm, people who started on console like myself might find controllers to feel better (even without aim assist). Which for me, I do. I tried out Starfield on PC via the game pass as well and it just feels better to me on a controller. This applies to almost all games I have tried where controller is an option except for one which is the classic Star Wars Battlefront. 

  • It's not uncommon for players to have different preferences when it comes to gaming inputs, and the transition from using a mouse and keyboard on PC to a controller on Xbox can be an adjustment.

  • I have same problem with controllers in many games.  Know other people who prefer them but I am most comfortable with mouse and keyboard.

  • If I am playing an FPS then a mouse and keyboard will always be a better experience. You can probably find mods for aim assist features if you have to play with a controller.