I am wondering what people think about the increasing levels of cooling needed for all the heat generated by cpus and gpus. Know people with desktops that keep the room they are in multiple degrees warmer or have laptops get almost too warm to use comfortably.  Are we headed toward needing more cooling in the computer than space for all the other components combined??

  • With the increasing efficiency each generation, mainly in laptops, we probably won't go too crazy with the need for cooling in the laptop space. Back during the RTX 20 series, some much thicker laptops used 200 watts on the GPU. Now, we are getting much more performance at 175 watts in the past two generations. Laptop CPUs are using over 100 watts now though (and are doing it in much thinner designs), but they stepped up with the advances in laptop cooling efficiency, not the need for more heat control (laptops that do not have this cooling capacity simply use lower power levels). On the desktop side, 14th gen intel brought basically a 13th gen refresh with higher clocks at lower power, so similar situation. Desktop GPUs already have the capability of cooling themselves so long as the cases air flow can move that heat out well enough, and really most GPUs on the desktop side are also getting more efficient unless you are going to the top with a #090 card. Overall, I'd say we are moving towards efficiency, and still have headroom with currently existing space/cooling for more heat if needed.

  • As long as CPUs and GPUs don’t jump too quickly in performance and power needs I think laptop cooling should stay in check. Lenovo seems to have done a great job with the Legion lineup and several other brands seem to do well too. As long as laptop makers keep tweaking their chassis and cooling systems I think decent temps are possible. 

  • I don't think so. We have the technology for better cooling if needed and i'm sure it could be fitted into a laptop

  • Regarding CPUs / SoCs, the industry seems to be moving towards more energy-efficient processors, mainly to increase runtime on batteries. However, the lower wattage should reduce heat dissipation as a side effect. The recently announced Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite using its Oryon technology will most likely be a game-changer in the PC industry when new devices rollout mid-2024. As long as Windows / Linux apps are optimized for the ARM architecture, these systems should perform well... and run longer and cooler.

  • We need better optimized games!! Developers became lazy and companies became greedy. Otherwise, cooling technology will need a leap pretty soon (like yesterday)

  • I hope that developers optimizing their video games with CPU and GPU manufacturers finding better ways to cool their chips will result in vastly lower temperatures for our devices so they don't overheat!

  • I completely agree with the huge need to address cooling issues in not only p.c.'s but cell phones. I am on my phone a lot because it is part of my livelihood and it can get pretty hot to the point of it being uncomfortable. A quality cooling system should be near the top of the list of manufacturers of not only high-end p.c.'s and other electronics that run hot but also your basic system. Hopefully in the near future that is addressed more because PC's and phone are already super fast as it is and maybe they should focus on things like this that often get neglected.

  • I think we're good.  Better programing in games, more efficient processors, I think we're good for now!

  • It is one of my top concerns. I have burned through two laptops because of heat and cooling issues! I wish that there was a better way.