How much games do you guys own?

For me, I have 6 in my steam account and 2 on nintendo switch. Just thought it would be nice to share our little game collections!

  • A couple of hundred in steam and a hundred in Steam. Numbers are i Inflated because I collect a lot of the free games

  • We've a family library of games for sharing: ~200 Steam + 50ish on disk for PC. Then there's hundreds for the various consoles (disks & digital) -- mostly PS games but also for the various Nintendo consoles, as far back as the NES. 

  • I've a son with 900+ steam games. (Steam sales are seductive.)

    My collection is a couple hundred in Steam & other PC games. Lots more for PS4, PS3, even some PS2. 

  • I have 123 games in my Steam Library, but have been with Steam for 18 YRs

  • As a family more than I can count. At least in the hundreds. We used to buy a lot on disk, but now everything is digital. I'd say several hundred disks and at least 300 hundred digital games. 

  • 40 on xbox with ps plus 77 for playstation.

  • Lol I got like 50 games on steam and 10 games on switch. And I haven't been able to play them all.

  • 250 on Epic Game Store, 140 on Steam, 4 on Switch, and then another 430+ if you count GamePass (which I do haha)

  • So many. Some might argue too many. The backlog struggle is real.

  • 70ish on Steam, Game Pass Ultimate, anything that came out on Play Station plus in the last 10 years, and then like 30ish games I've purchased for PS4/PS5.  Oh, and like 15ish games on the Switch.