What's some games you wish would get an official PC port but will probably never get one?

I think the games I would most like to see a PC version for are the Bloodborne games or Shadow of the Colossus. I'd be really interested in playing both of them, but since they aren't available on PC, I haven't had a chance to play either. I also doubt a PC version will ever be released for them, so I was just curious what are some games you guys are bummed about not being on PC.

  • I'd really like to see Banjo Kazooie be re released on PC. I feel like the way it was set up would be more of a PC game than a N64 game...If it already was released a long time ago I stand corrected but I think that was a less remembered but popular game for it's time sort of in the Mario family for kids but enjoyable to play as a teen even to a nostalgic adult. 

  • Bloodborne for sure. And any nintendo game, TOTK esp. 

  • some old classics such as turok ,mario bros 1,2,3, mario 64, starfox 64, goldeneye 007, etc would love remasters of them

  • This may sound ridiculous I'd like to see any of the Metroid games on PC as an official port!

  • Golden Eye Eye 007 Gun should get a PC version.

  • The first two Killzones, and definitely remaster it. I don't like playing FPS games on a gamepad

  • Ghost of Tsushima.  Or maybe some of the old Dance Dance Revolution games lol

  • I've wondered how some old Nintendo classics would be on PC, but my muscle memory might rebel.