GTA VI Game Revealed!

Good news for all gamers, it has announced the arrival of the first announcement to reveal its next game: Thieves Cars 6 or GTA VI Eyes next month, December 2023.

  • I will play it, as soon as it comes, it's about time.

  • I'm looking forward to it. I always enjoy the GTA games. They're always well-polished and expansive. I never tried the GTA online games. 

  • Ai Ai Ai!!! Great end to an awesome year.

  • Cool to hear about them finally saying more about GTA 6. We all knew it was coming at some point but all we could do was wait like everyone else.  Although it is still only going to be a trailer I think we will still have to wait til 2024 for a release date is my prediction. Time will tell

  •  it's gonna be amazing. taking the masterpiece of GTA V and adding and extra I on the end is gonna be great.

  • I'm excited to see it but I wanna keep my expectations in check because I wasn't the biggest fan of GTA V's story. I really hope they make it a little more like the others.

  • Good ending to 2023 which is already a great year of game releases

  • Woah. That's huge news. I wonder how they'll outdo the previous versions. That will be a hard task to accomplish after making such amazing games.

  • Im hoping it comes out early next year, i cannot wait any longer.

  • As I have gotten older I have come to realize that these games should only be played by adults.   Rated MA with zero way of enforcement.   Children shouldn't be playing these games.