What needs to change to get you interested in VR Gaming?

Cheaper devices, more powerful hardware, lighter or different headwear / glasses, better controllers and / or tracking, avatars with legs & feet Grin, reduced motion sickness, more games that interest you, etc?

I've been in the industry for a number of years. I remember watching people try Egghead Shred in VR at SIGGRAPH... 'must have been 30 years ago. Heck, even I thought VR Gaming would go mainstream by 2018-2020. Yet, although gamers have access to the Quest, Pico, Vive, etc. VR headsets and controllers, I think there's still a lot of resistance to VR Gaming. Any thoughts?

  • Safe play zones or VR treadmills.

    if I had a decent size level back yard, 30’ x 30’ would suffice, or there was a workable VR 360 degree treadmill for indoor use. These two options would increase my VR usage from casual (twice monthly) to daily.

    I have a Rift S, and PS 4 headset, but barely use them. I thought about buying the Oculus Quest 3, but I would still be limited by the same 10’ x 8’ living room space.

  • Bring the cost of entry way down. Release more dedicated VR AAA games. Also, make it more comfortable for those with glasses.

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    Thanks for your feedback, Bruce Thumbsup  I'm happy you brought this topic up - it's a good one!

  • My phisiology would need to change. VR makes me nauseous & gives me vertigo with headaches. 

  • Depending on the game, it happens to me too... especially virtual roller coasters.. lol  Roller coaster

  • Thanks, Jeremy!  I agree. Cost of entry has always been an issue. Facebook / Meta seemed to get it pretty low with the Quest 2, but with the trade-off of user privacy... requiring a Facebook account to use (now a Meta account). I think ByteDance requires something similar for its Pico users. When Meta changed the Facebook account requirement, it increased the price of the Quest 2.

  • Quality content game.

  • I guess more triple A games . Big titles

  • Make more affordable and a decent specs