2024 Most Hyped Games

What games are you looking forward to for next year on PC?

  • Broken Arrow.....step aside Wargaming..(.cough cough*) WarShaming's world of tanks &  WarThunder. There is alot to to envy just with the beta running at present. WOW!!!  https://youtu.be/qgekEoQF7yA

  • The next part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Though I will get it on PS5 first, and get PC later for the mods.

  • I would say Final Fantasy!

  • So far Tekken 8 and Princess Peach: Showtime! (peach isn't on pc but i'm super hyped) I'm interested in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth but I'm tired of 80+ hours of side content so i'm not as hyped as the other two. After Yakuza 5 i think i could survive with 40+ hours each game.

  • Perfect New World

  • Path of Exile 2! Unless it gets moved to early 2025. At least we may get the beta in 2024 lol

  • Funko Fusion looks like it'll be a fun game.