Steam Cloud

Wouldn't it be great if Steam had a cloud subscription like MS Gamepass Ultimate where you can download or stream a collection of games on the cloud for a subscription fee.

You can run it in the Steam Desktop client, browser, and mobile\TV apps.

The streaming tech if they can buy Google Stadia's tech with optional low latency wifi controller.

They can have a free tier with demos and free to play games that has a wait queue and time limit.

Then for subscibers no queue, and unlimited time, and the pass library of games, and addon passes for Uplay and EAplay etc.

You can pay for an Ultimate tier to play any game from your Steam library not just the game pass. Unlike Geforce Now where there a licensing limitations what you can play.

The Steam Cloud Box can be like Shadow PC and rent a server and can install and play whaterver you want.

  • I wudnt want another subscription service, they will slowly just move everything into it...