Is Halo getting better?

I recently started playing Halo Infinite again and I even seen Ben playing it on Twitch. I would honestly say from my opinion Halo is finally improving don't get me wrong it still has a long way to go. It is though heading in the right direction. What's your thoughts on this and what can they improve?

  • I would say so but I'm not a huge fan of the color contrast of the background display and the FX. It's still a big improvement because the game-play is actually fun.

  • I think that they're starting to head in the right direction. I agree that it still has a long way to go but it's nice to see improvements being made!

  • I honestly haven't paid too much attention, always been more interested in the campaign, which has been badly neglected in Infinite.

  • I've always thought Halo was a good game, so I'm not sure I'd say better. More like it's evolving :-)  Definetely a great game though 

  • I never thought it was bad, it just had bad monitization and poor progression. If they fixed even some of those, its a not a surprise that its starting to come back. The core gameplay was always good.

  • Sitill evolving, consistently improving!

  • I will have to try again to find out.

  • Ive got friends that say it is getting better. I played it a little when it first came out and it definitely has changed for the better but I still don’t feel its good enough to say its great. I dont mind watching it but Im not going to play it. Just never liked the newer ones. Guess its really hard to beat halo 2. Once you have a top tier game like that how can you beat it ya know

  • Multiplayer feels decent but I play with my kids and it's not really competitive

  • It's improved a lot.