Gaming Monitors

Hey everyone! I'm looking into buying a monitor for my laptop soon, but I'm very torn between my options. I'm looking into a 120HZ 1440p monitor, as well as a 1080p 240HZ monitor (Both 27"). Would you guys go for a higher refresh rate or resolution? (Note: Laptop is running a 3060 as the GPU).

  • It depends on what you are playing. If you want to play online PVP shooters then go for higher refresh rates. If you are playing more single-player/casual games then go for resolution. 

    Since the black friday deals have started and are coming up for some shops, I would go with whichever gives you the biggest % off. 

  • I am glad you asked this question, I am too curious about the samething. 

  • I just damaged my LG isp LG59G 27" .  i have had it many years and i would not buy LG again . So Lenovo i unnderstand has very rugged Monitors and i would like to know what would suit my style seeing that im a Tank Commander on several games . What is the 120 , 144 HZ gonna do from my LG's 75HZ ? . Salute *

  • For gaming higher refresh rate is better. For work or detailed games higher quality is better. 

  • I'd probably go for refresh rate

  • It's a common dilemma, and it really depends on your gaming preferences. With a 3060 GPU, you've got some power to play with. If you're into fast-paced gaming and want that buttery-smooth experience, the 1080p 240Hz monitor might be your jam. It's all about that high refresh rate for super-responsive gameplay.On the other hand, if you're more into visual fidelity and enjoy detailed graphics, the 1440p monitor offers a sharper image. It might not hit 240Hz, but 120Hz is still pretty smooth.Personally, I've been thinking about snagging a portable monitor for versatility. It's handy for on-the-go gaming or even as a second screen for work.

  • If you are still considering your options, a 3060 laptop gpu and at that screen size I'd say 1440p is ideal and 120hz will make sense for most situations. However, if you are someone who plays primarily competitive stuff like counter strike, apex legends, or siege the higher refresh rate 1080p monitor will be the better option. For anything else, 120hz 1440p is a good balance of sharpness and performance for a 3060. As far as resolution goes, I would not recommend going any higher than 1440p as at this screen size it won't make a big difference in sharpness and for a 3060 laptop that'd really be limiting your fps for many games.