What gaming laptop brand has the least bloatware?

I've owned a Dell, Asus, and Gateway gaming laptops. All three had bloatware, not only things like antivirus and games, but also drivers made by different brands. I.e. Dell's Wavemaxx audio, Asus' Dolby audio, and Gateway's THX audio. Every time I've had to uninstall these drivers because they worsened the sound in games - particularly Rainbow Six Siege where sound is vital. Don't get me started on the driver update tools, warranty softwares, etc.


So, is there any gaming laptop brand that has minimal bloatware? Or at least bloatware drivers that aren't horrendous to use...

  • They all do it to some extent and Microsoft installs a lot of bloatware too. I would find out what each app does and decide if you need it. Then delete the stuff you don't, and clean up any auto running apps or stray registry keys. 

  • imo Lenovo laptop is the cleanest

  • They all have it. Some are a little better than others but the only way to avoid it is a custom built rig from a specialty gaming company. $$$$$ but worth it.

  • I truly feel like the Lenovo line of gaming laptops and desktops are fairly clean. I actually like the Legion software and use it regularly. I hated Dell’s Alienware Control Center. It was bloated and limited depending on which laptop or PC you have. 

  • They all have bloatware but from what I’ve read, Lenovo has a relatively minimal amount.  If it’s a machine I didn’t build myself, I’ll do a clean install of Windows.

  • Good quesiton. It's such a bother, isn't it? I'm curious about what others have found. I like my Lenovo's been minimal. 

  • They all contain some bloatware but Lenovo I think has the least. I just try to uninstall most of it.

  • NOPE!  That is an impossibility.   Can't happen.   The world would end.

  • Asus seemed quite good with minimal bloatware, other than Armory Crate. G14 also performs great, storage and ram is upgradable!

  • Lenovo typically comes with a minimal amount. Brands like Dell install bloatware that take up an insane amount of storage and make your CPU run hot because of relentless background processes.