Hey everyone, I'm starting to get into racing games and am looking into buying a controller. Would you guys recommend a PS5 Dualsense controller or a Xbox controller? Is there a large difference in quality, or are there any distinctive features that make one better than the other?

  • Quality wise it is mainly just chance as the thing that will eventually break through normal use is the analog sticks with either drift or dead zones. For racing, the PS5 controller is better though just for the haptics, having the ability to have adaptive triggers adds on to the racing experience and immersion pretty well. I do not personally own an xbox controller as I have always stuck with PlayStation since the PS2 for consoles, but I can say that my PS5 controller hasn't had any issues in the two years of owning it and my PS3 controller still works without issue aside from the battery life after about 12 years or so. That said, some of my friends controllers have broke after mere months. If you want to fully avoid this, I'd recommend either a controller with hallmark analog sticks or a Dualsense Edge if you are able

  • I am assuming on PC? I have always had Xbox controllers (well and one wired Logitech), never had any issues with them, though only just the more basic controllers not the pro ones. 

    Haven't had any drift issues like my Switch Pro controller got. 

  • xbox all the way. no compatibility issues, its plug and play. Also, hot take but Xbox has always been more ergonomic. 

  • Use the controller you feel most comfortable with. There isn't much of a difference and it will just come down to your own personal taste. If you have a console already just use that controller which includes the switch since their pro controller is also a great option. 

  • I prefer PS controllers but xbox is better if you have bigger hands