What new games are you getting this holiday season?

Curious what games everyone is looking forward to playing?

  • Just bought Cyberpunk and Riders Republic from the Steam Autumn Sale :) 

  • I just got the new cod and I swear its just an update of 2019. Paid 70 bucks for an update and old maps. I mean did they even put any work into this game?

  • I just bought lethal company yesterday to play with my sister, brother, and his girlfriend. We played it some and it was really fun, had some hilarious jumpscares.

  • Meta has been having some really good sales on VR games for the Quest 2/3. I've been taking advantage of the holiday prices and buying a ton of new VR games.

  • I just bought and subscribed to World of Warcraft: Dragonsflight with a handful of my buddies. They’ve got some pretty amazing bundles right now, including a boost to max level for 1 character to get straight into endgame content. The lore and questlines and fun, and surprisingly, a lot of veterans are willing to help with any questions!