Which is better for gaming?

Which do you think helps more? A higher resolution or higher quality graphics. Is it a sweet spot between them both? Do maxing out resolution and graphics really do anything to increase perceived look on the screen? 

  • For regular single player games max graphics with atleast 2k/4k resolution. For fps/competitive ones u have to test out the settings and see what gives u the advantage

  • For single player games yes, having higher resolutions and settings can make it nicer just find a good setting where frames are still smooth enough for you. For anything competitive, resolution wise if you are sitting at a desk at a normal distance and your monitor is 24 inches or more, a 1440p display will be noticeably sharper, 4k only if the monitor is 32 inches or larger due to pixel density though not necessary unless you value other features such as better backlight or color accuracy. As far as graphics settings, just know what frame rate you want to lock it down to and find a graphics setting that allows you to play at that framerate with at least an additional 20fps of headroom to avoid drops.

  • finding the "sweet spot" often involves balancing resolution and graphics quality based on personal preferences, the capabilities of the display or gaming hardware, and the intended use.

  • The higher of each is better of course, finding the sweet spot is more of a budget concern

  • I would say higher resolution