Official date for 1st Trailer for GTA VI

Officially, the first announcement date for the new part of the famous series Grand Theft Auto 6 has been set for December 5 of this month at 5 pm.

Rockstar Games on X: "" / X (

  • I set the time for my local area in Middle East

  • Excited to see the new features!

  • Looks exciting and innovative!

  • About time! Been playing the same GTA title for 3 whole console generations so it got stale, especially with all the griefers. Considering how ahead of its time GTA 5 was and how it still stacks up even today, I'm real excited to hopefully yet again see another ahead of its time game.

  • Awesome I've been looking forward to GTA 6 for a while! It’s been a long time since 5 was released but at least 5 is still a good and actively played game today. Fingers crossed that 6 has the same longevity!

  • I still honestly need to really dig into GTA 5 (I know, I know…). I’m still excited to see where the series is going and what 6 will bring. I’m just hoping for even more buildings you can enter or even live in. 

  • The Middle East?  Which area?   

  • Exciting every gta lover

  • Can't wait to see it drop live! Wondering if some of the rumors are true, thanks to the leak. First $100 base game?

  • Cool! Thanks for letting us know!!