More RAM, more internal storage, external HDD / SSD, external or portable monitor, USB / Thunderbolt hub for connecting more peripherals, gaming mouse, etc?

  • 4TB cards would be great but not in the budget.

  • A larger SSD will be nice.

  • My laptop only has a 512GB SSD, so I'm hoping to upgrade the storage.

  • More RAM and internal storage would be nice.

  • I wish to upgrade to a gaming laptop period. I have a cheap laptop that only does the basics. That is my sons dream. One day!

  • Definetely more RAM.. Not sure if  I need much else.. a new fun keybord, or some keycaps would be nice too

  • I hope to completely replace my laptop. I'm still running a 2011 Macbook Pro. Sweat smile

  • I recently upgraded the RAM in my gaming laptop. Having done this is one reason I am wary of soldered RAM. There does seem to be some performance benefits to the soldered RAM, though. I was surprised how quickly I filled a 512GB SSD. I am spoiled at the speed of the SSD, but was also a bit spoiled in the HDD era when laptops routinely came with a 1TB HDD. Two M2 slots is also on my list for my next laptop.

    My work/occasional gaming desktop is dual boot Linux/Windows. I used my two M2 slots for a 2TB Linux and 1TB Windows partition. Now wishing I had gone with a 2TB Windows partition, as that is where I game (Linux is where I work).

  • I definitely need an external SSD for more storage. I would love to upgrade my graphics card to the RTX 4000 series from the current RTX 2060 that I have now and a little more RAM for my CPU would be a plus but not really a priority right now for me. The Black Friday deals this year have not been that great from what I saw so I am hoping better deals will come by next spring.

  • I want a new device altogether. My current laptop has started blue-screening periodically, and some of the hardware such as the CPU and GPU fans are starting to give out.